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Botox treatment around the eyes

Information about Botox by injection



You may have been thinking about having Botox and/or fillers for some time perhaps and have now plucked up the courage to ask about it.




Aging is a natural process and many people want to feel good for their age with a natural look and seek out ways to help them achieve that.


The structure of skin alters with time and it becomes less elastic and flexible. The fat layer reduces particularly in the lower (dermis) layer of the skin. As a result the skin becomes thinner and more transparent, and the sweat and oil glands become less active. The muscles in the face lose their tone and the face begins to sag with folded creased skin. This can lead to an alteration in appearance. Frown lines and wrinkles are a normal part of aging but they can make you look more tired, angry or older than you are.


Botox can be used to reduce the dynamic lines in the face, for example frown lines. The injection temporarily prevents nerve signals from reaching the muscle and so the muscle relaxes and the wrinkles in the skin smooth out. Treatment takes only a short time e.g. 10 minutes and the effect can last up to 4 months. With repeated treatments over time the effect may last longer.


It is very important that you are injected by an experienced trained injector. Preferably, for injections around the eyes by an eye surgeon who is experienced in this technique.


Side Effects


Side effects, if they occur are temporary and moderate. They are linked to the site of injection, sometimes pain on injection, redness, swelling etc. Other side effects such as a droopy eye lid (ptosis) can be caused by local spread of the agent into muscles nearby. The drooping is temporary.


Having an experienced injector minimises but does not eliminate these risks.


What other steps can I take to protect my skin?


Use sun protection when outdoors every day – at least factor 15 eg in a face cream


Don’t smoke as smoking damages your skin with premature thinning and wrinkling


Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in a good balanced diet


Drink plenty of water


Apply moisturisers to keep skin smooth 

Cost of treatments


Botox              £315 for a treatment



The costs above include the consultation and a review at 2 weeks. At 2 weeks after Botox if necessary a top up can be administered free of charge.


The treatment should last 4 – 6 months initially and may last longer with repeated subsequent treatments in some people.


I advise a review at 2 weeks and then at 4 months.


I have a loyalty scheme, for each friend you introduce to my clinic who has Botox or filler treatment you will receive £50 off your cost of your next treatment.


Details of the treatment


Your first consultation will involve a detailed medical history with emphasis on previous treatments or cosmetic surgery. This is followed by an examination of your eyes and face plus discussion of your needs and wishes.


I will explain what Botoxcan hope to achieve for you.


After discussion of what you would like and what can be achieved I will place non permanent marks on your skin to mark the injection sites. Emla cream is used to anaesthetise the skin in the areas where we have agreed you would like to be injected with Botox and left for 30-45 minutes.


After the anaesthetic has had time to work and to numb the skin it is wiped away and the injections given.


After Botox you will be advised to use the muscles as much as possible for the first 1 hour – in the case of glabellar (frown lines) you will be asked to frown as much as possible for 1 hour. You should avoid massages or aromatherapy treatments for 2 days after the treatment.


If you have any queries before or after the treatment please contact my secretary Anna Ready on 01603 814365

Prices from £315

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